10 best FACTS Redmi AirDots 3 HEADPHONES

Super new Bluetooth version 5.2 Connection by opening the lid of the case, Redmi AirDots 3 but in the Chinese version only with Chinese firmware for Xiaomi phones.

You can reset the settings. Built-in app adaptive codec. Amazing battery life of 6 hours at 100 percent volume. Glossy surface, sensors, and a lot of pricing questions.

Xiaomi surprised us. How good it is – we’ll figure it out now. Tube 817 Hello everyone. You are on the Benefits channel. My name is Sanya. The channel is home and I still appreciate your time, I tell everything as quickly and succinctly as possible.

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Redmi AirDots 3
Redmi AirDots 3

xiaomi redmi airdots 3 Price in India

And everything is simple. I dealt with Redmi Airdotes 3. And despite everything and despite what I found this product worthy of review. Xiaomishniks are cunning, they will not do anything bad.

And now 10 facts about red airpost wireless headphones 3 1 – packing sadness. In my memory, no one has ever thought of packaging in the category more than $ 30 so devilishly. After all, the price tag is not budgetary.

The rebranding is good, and the colors are cute, but they could have spent money on thick cardboard and an idea. But this is on their conscience. redmi airdots 3 specs

Without a colorful piece of paper, I would not even give such a gift to myself . 2 – set. It’s better here. If in their previous models they did not even put the charging cable in the package, everything is fine here, they put the cable.

Of course, there are no carrying bags or silicone covers for the box. Inside there is an instruction in Chinese, replaceable ear pads of not the worst quality, a charging box and that’s it. 3 – the plastic of the box and the headphones has changed according to my feelings.

redmi airdots 3 launch date in India

It is clear that the same plant churns them out, but the structure of the plastic has become noticeably more pleasant. In any case, according to my feelings.

At the same time, the headphones became glossy, which of course pays tribute to trends, but very much loses their attractiveness for me personally.

Box 4 has become much larger in size. What was the need for this I do not know, but it’s good that now the form factor of charging is type si and not micro USB as in previous models? redmi airdots 3 India

The capacity of the 600 mAh box is enough for 3 headphones recharges. It is difficult to shake the headphones out of the box, but it is possible.

Redmi AirDots 3
Redmi AirDots 3

The backlash at the lid is minimal. You can put it in your pocket, but everything will also look strange, as for the case of the second redmicks.

The charge indication and connection diode on the box is not annoying. Inside, under the lid, there is a function button for reset and pairing, and it is mechanical here.

You can see the dimensions and weight on the screen. 5 programs for management available. And don’t be happy – first, it is still entirely in Chinese.

redmi airdots 3 prices in Pakistan

And secondly, there is nothing useful except for updating the firmware and changing the ropes for me at the moment.

All preclude for China. And of course, the animation in the global version of the ears will work with the global version of the mi yuan firmware, with the Chinese version will work. redmi airdots 3 Pakistan price

Well, a pop-up window with an indication of the remaining charge of the headphones and boxing can be started on any android simply by downloading the program using the q-ar code and giving it all permissions.

And of course, the animation is not supported by all Xiaomi phone models. 6 The size and shape of the earphones are not in the red army. Even the first airdates did not seem super comfortable to me, but these have increased in volume pretty well.

Here’s a visual difference. The indication diodes do not blink when playing music, the proximity sensors (those thanks to which, when you take the earphone out of your ear, the music pauses) work well,

the touch control is not perfect yet, and functions are minimized (specifically, switching tracks, play pause, and call voice assistant).

And I’m sure that of course there will be custom programs for bringing volume control to these ears, and you can control the volume through the voice assistant, but for me, it’s still a fierce file.

The headphone battery capacity is 43 mAh, one charge is enough for 6 hours 10 minutes at 100 percent volume (which may not be enough for you, while the right one lost 20 minutes longer).

Protection against moisture is nowhere more modest than ipx4. The headphones did not catch false presses. 7 Microphones can be characterized by the phrase – sadness, sadness eats me up. I didn’t like them.

Here’s an example of how microphones work. 8 Kualcom chip 3040, Bluetooth version 5.2 with support for AAC codecs, APTX adaptive (not to be confused with APTX), and SBC There is no noticeable delay in YouTube and games.

There were no friezes and dumps. Reconnection is seamless, they work one at a time. Here’s an example of a delay. 9 There are two drivers – an armature and a dynamic driver.

The sound is just great. Xiaomi, of course, took a difficult path and decided that these ears should sound as close as possible to wired ones. The bass is not twisted here, with excellent mids and suspiciously intelligible upper numbers

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