Best Gaming Mouse Review for PubG 2021

I am replacing my old razer Gaming Mouse with a new one. The old one is a Deathadder Elite, while the newer one is Naga Trinity.

Both mice have identical configurations. Apart from the standard mouse buttons – the left-click, right-click, scroll up, down, and the middle click.

Both the mice have two buttons on the top and two buttons on the side.

Except that in Naga Trinity, the side buttons can be switched to a 7-buttons module or a 12 buttons module.

All three modules come with the mouse and being magnetic, they snap in place and maybe changed anytime.

Even during a game. If these modules were not switchable, I would have bought another 2 side-button setups like DeathAdder.

Gaming Mouse
Gaming Mouse

Because I am in a habit to rest by the thumb on the side and I was skeptical that the 12 button module would result in unwanted clicks.

Whenever my thumb grips the mouse. Although the buttons in this module are mechanical buttons that are hard enough to be pressed accidentally.

Best gaming mouse wireless 2021

Still, if it doesn’t work for me, I can always switch to the other two modules which have thumb support. I am used to mice with an elongated body.

So when I first saw Naga, which has a wider body, I wasn’t sure that I would find it comfortable, however, on the contrary, this support for the ring finger.

Which makes the mouse look wide, is more comfortable than my old mouse, where the ring finger used to be supportless.

Now, isn’t this mouse overpriced? I mean, we can buy a mouse as cheap as Rs. 100, get a decent mouse within Rs. 500.

Even get AmazonBasics Gaming Mouse for a little over Rs. 1000.

So, does it make any sense to buy this Gaming Mouse somewhere near Rs. 8000?

Some would argue that it has all mechanical keys. True that! But so does my keyboard. It has Cherry MX Brown keys and there are 104 of them.

Yet my keyboard is cheaper than this Gaming Mouse.

Gaming Mouse
Gaming Mouse

Some would say that it has a good DPI range. That’s true as well. The DPI range on both these mice is from 100 to 16000.

For comparison, the amazon basics Gaming Mouse has a DPI range of 200 to 3200. But, do we need such a vast range of DPI settings?

I have personally never used anything lower than 800 or higher than 2000. Maybe when color grading something in photoshop’s color wheel.

gaming mouse with pad

The lower end of 100 or 200 DPI would help, however, I am not sure when something as high as 16000 DPI is needed.

To be honest, I cannot justify its cost, but I can certainly justify its value. Its values lie in its software, Razer Synapse.

Where you may configure different colors or different effects for your Gaming Mouse RGB chroma LEDs.

You may also set it up so that it reacts to beats of music or to your clicks.

It may also be connected with Philips RGB bulbs so that everything changes color in sync, or with Amazon’s Alexa.

You may also set up so that all your razer devices change to the same color, or to different colors in sync as per your preference.

However, all these are gimmicks. When I say that the value lies in the software, I mean with the ability to configure these buttons for custom functions or macros.

Binding application-specific functions to your fingertips is a major productivity hack.

A good thing about this software is that you may specify multiple profiles.

Each profile may have its own set of functions bound to different keys of the mouse.

I have configured one profile for each of the software and have bound the software-specific keys to the mouse.

For example, sometimes I present system designs to clients online in Google Draw.

But the shapes in Google Draw are hard to find and require multiple clicks before you can select them.

But, this mouse helped me bind the shapes I commonly used to the specified keys on the mouse.

Hence, to select a shape, all I need is to press a key. In First-person shooting e-sports, even a few milliseconds can help you win the match.

In the PUBG profile, I have used the scroll up and down for quickly selecting weapons 1 and 2. The buttons on the top are for ned and smoke.

The best way to defend yourself from a spray or sniper is to run zig-zag and guess what, I have recorded the whole macro of running zig-zag to a key.

So, all I need to do is to press a button instead of tapping A and D alternatively. Ever wondered that the person who killed you.

In the game was moving forward as well as sideways while also peeking left and right. How did he do that?

Either he has 4 hands or he is using a similar gaming setup.

When you play PUBG from a pc, it matches you with the others who are playing on the simulator as well, and most of the pc players have.

Gaming keyboards or mice, and hence, if you are not using them.

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Gaming Mouse
Gaming Mouse

You are losing your competitive edge. I have specified some keys for copy-paste, for media play, pause and mute, etc.

For everything I do, I have a key specified on the Gaming Mouse, and it has made me a lot more productive.

Although the Razer Naga is a heavy mouse, it does not feel as such while using it.

Generally, the cables of mice are made up of rubber, which used to get stuck here and there due to friction, thereby obstructing the Gaming Mouse movement.

However, the cable in this mouse is like a breaded cloth, which seems like an innovative design with no drag whatsoever.

Also, my pc has multiple GPUs which emit a lot of heat, hence, I sit a few feet away from the cabinet and the cable is long enough for my setup.

But there are some issues with razer mouses as well.

The first one is, that the thumb grip detaches itself within the first few months.

In my old razer mouse, the grips of both sides lost their gum within the first six months.

Secondly, there is a known problem with razer mice, that is, the scroll wheel jumps after some time.

The scroll wheel of the new mouse feels like click click click whenever I scroll it up or down.

while the older mouse has lost the clicking sound and the scroll jumps as well.

Probably the copper coil in its encoder has been worn out.

Thirdly, it being a mechanical mouse, it has all the problems of any mechanical device. If it gets dusty, its clicks start to get jumpy.

However, this can easily be fixed with a vacuum cleaner. Fourthly, for an even older razer mouse, that had started to misbehave within its warranty period.

I had asked the razer for support, and they wanted me to ship the mouse to Singapore, where they would repair it and then courier it back to me in India.

It was cheaper for me to buy another mouse.

Fifth, of course, the mouse is overpriced. Now the question is if I have so many issues with Razer, why did I buy a Razer mouse again?

Well, that is the last negative point about razer, that if you start using a razer mouse, there is no reverting back.

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