Hello Guys how’s it going? My name is Panda And welcome back to another Post of RTX 3060 TI If “excitement” had a face… it would be like THIS! When the ampere series launched in September… I REALLY wanted to get one for myself.

But even manufacturers didn’t have these … So how could I get one? Luckily! Colorful love me so much… that they arranged a special RTX 3060 TI sample just for me. SO! In today’s video, we will unbox and review this GPU… and in the last segment, I have invited some people over from Colorful as well.

 RTX 3060 TI
RTX 3060 TI

Who are here to answer your common questions. So, this video is going to be very interesting. Now without wasting any further time, let’s jump right into it. So here is ‘THE’ infamous GPU… Gamers crave it… Scalpers LOVE IT! Inside the box, I was expecting the traditional welcome envelope… But this time Colorful didn’t send me one… sed

Price Review RTX 3060 TI 2021

Further inside, you find the world’s most neglected piece of paper. And finally! Heaven on Earth – The RTX 3060 TI. In my opinion, the unboxing experience matters A LOT! You buy such an expensive product… its unboxing must be satisfying! I will give this product an 8/10 in unboxing experience.

When I received this product, I was so excited… that I unboxed it right at the gate when I received the parcel. And you could have witnessed my excitement… if you had followed me on Instagram… so here’s my ID, go ahead and follow! Anyways, let’s move on to the next segment – Specs and Review. Now if we talk about aesthetics… Colorful always manages to meet my expectations!

This GPU looks nothing short of a masterpiece The build quality is great as always. Even though it has a plastic body… but it still feels very solid and premium. The design is inspired by Electronic Music Vaporwave genre… and being a fan of 80’s retro myself, I must say… This looks SUPERCOOL! There is also a white variant of this GPU RTX 3060 TI

Which looks like it has been covered in a Crime Scene. Where the crime was… being absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And if we are talking about beauty, then… *ahem* BATTIYAN HAIN ISS MEIN (IT HAS RGB) Apart from killer design, This GPU also has RGB Lights…

which can be customized through their software. Size, weight, and dimensions wise… it is like a standard 3-fan sized GPU. I faced no issues while fitting this GPU in my compact case, and micro-at Motherboard. If we talk about the weight, then yes it is a little heavy… but not too heavy that it needs vertical support.

Just some screws can securely hold it in place. You get four display connections in this GPU – Three DP Ports and one HDMI 2.1 Then you get an efficient 3 fan cooling system… in which each heat pipe is properly connected to the cooling fins… ensuring proper heat dissipation

RTX 3060 TI Is worthy of it or Not?

650W is the recommended PSU for this GPU, and for the connection 2×8 pins. Lastly, you get Colorful’s signature OC button in it as well. Which loads overclock bios and can easily boost performance with just a click. Before talking about performance, we need to know some technical specs of this GPU… Don’t worry! I won’t bore you…

If we look at on paper specs, then you might think there’s not a huge difference b/w 3060 and 3060Ti… BUT THERE IS! Even though 3060 has an enormous memory of 12GB… It cannot transfer data as fast as a 3060Ti, due to bus-width limitations. Furthermore, you get more GPU cores in 3060Ti and consequently more performance too.

As for 3070, no doubt it is a better GPU, both in terms of specs and performance. But in price to performance ratio, 3060Ti is an overall better product. In my opinion, the MSRP price difference b/w 3060 and  RTX 3060 TI is totally worth it.

But after 3060Ti it is better to go for a 3080 instead… because that is where you get a considerable difference. If you need a more elaborate comparison, do check Arsalan’s channel – linked below. Anyways,

that is enough tech talk… most of you are interested in benchmarks anyway… So, let’s see how this GPU actually performs! Before benchmarks, I would like to thank Usman and Mussab for helping me out with these.

 RTX 3060 TI
RTX 3060 TI

Because the current specs of my PC aren’t that good, so we used Mussab’s PC… Specs of which can be seen on the screen. For 1080P gaming, this GPU is actually more than enough.

You can run any game at the highest possible settings at 1080P… and you don’t have to worry about FPS at all. Unless you turn ray tracing on, but that too depends on the game.

I guess 2K is the more popular standard now. In fact, people have started shifting towards 4K… And even now we have 8K capable gaming GPUs… Remember the times we used to play arcade games?

Look at us NOW! Anyways, even at a 2K resolution, you can expect amazing performance. On Ultra settings, this GPU gave 60+ FPS on almost every game. If we take a look at the chart of this 9-game average by Tom’s Hardware…

 RTX 3060 TI is faster than even 2080Super… and that is really impressive! Coming towards 4K gaming performance… that is where things change. 4K gaming experience isn’t optimal on this GPU.

Yeah, you can try doing so with DLSS… But I think it is better to play 2K with maximum settings… Instead of lowering your game settings and performance for 4K resolution. Now for the synthetics test,

I used Timespy and portrayal. One benchmark is with stock clocks, the other one is after loading OC bios. With just one press, you not only get more performance… but it also saves the trouble of manual OC.

Even if you don’t know about overclocking… then this will be very convenient.

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