Best smartphone Mi 11 Ultra Full Review

The Mi 11 Ultra. In fact, all the Mi 11 family! So you can check out the Mi 11 Lite, Mi 11 Pro, and Mi 11 Ultra from both our channels

We are gonna do unboxing, camera performance (comparing with the Oppo Find X3 Pro), also the overall user experience of the official Mi 11 Ultra.

Cymye bought it from an offline Mi Store. Yeah, let’s get it unboxed first! As I’ve said before you can either choose the 67W fast charger or not when you are ordering the Mi 11 Ultra.

But who doesn’t want it since it’s … free. As for this “80W wireless + 120W wired charging” box, it’s selling at a discount so we just took the chance and bought it.

Mi 11 Ultra
xiaomi mi 11 ultra stars

Now moving to the unboxing of the Mi 11 Ultra.

mi 11 ultra 5g price in India

The first layer includes a pin for the SIM card, a Chinese manual, and a soft transparent case.

Then is the phone, nothing more. It’s really eco-friendly! Moving to the phone, it weighs in at a whopping 237 grams!

Who needs a dumbbell to keep fit? On the left side, it adopts a classic Mi design that includes a power key and a volume rocker.

On top, it comes with a noise-canceling mic, an IR blaster, and a Harmon-Kardon-tuned stereo speaker.

Nothing on the right side. Whilst at the bottom, we get to see a SIM card slot, a type-c charging port, a mic, and another speaker.

And in case you are curious about the SIM card tray, it supports a dual nano-SIM card and is not expandable.

And now to the most controversial part – the back panel.

We ordered the ceramic white version as we think the white color is more matching with the 80W transparent wireless charger.

xiaomi mi 11 ultra stars

What a weird logic here, lol. But on the other side, the white version is more resistant to fingerprints and smudges, not like the black one we tried before.

For the camera department, here we don’t go through the camera specs one by one as I’ve already done that in my previous Mi 11 Ultra hands-on video, please check out if you haven’t, it’s a good one.

Let’s jump directly to the camera test. Here we also compare it with the Oppo Find X3 Pro as these two phones are probably the most trending phones in China right

Now and both claim that they have the best camera performance, so why not compare them head-to-head.

For night photos, both have a pretty decent performance. But clearly in most scenarios the Mi 11 Ultra wins thanks to its giant 50MP Samsung GN2 sensor.

It gains more light and delivers better exposure and detailed photos. Also thanks to its powerful 48MP TeleMacro camera,

Mi 11 Ultra
Mi 11 Ultra

Even at the same zoom level, photos from the Mi 11 Ultra are still usable while for the Find X3 Pro it starts becoming softer and nosier.

But sometimes, I found Oppo has a better true-to-life color reproduction and doesn’t blow out on the highlight parts.

For the selfie camera, I found the Find X3 Pro generates a more pleasing picture thanks to its beauty algorithm.

But I’m not sure if it’s your type. Now about daylight photos. As I disabled the HDR for both phones as I’m not comparing their software stitching sophistication, just evaluating the sensor.

The Find X3 Pro seems to have better exposure and a higher dynamic range looks sharper and pleasing. Check out more.

Also, during the test, I found the Find X3 Pro has a brighter display and has a better viewing experience. Now moving to the videos.

Video Shooting Quality Is Quiet Good, It Shoots stable videos without any glitches and it supports 4k recording both in front and rear camera.

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