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Wrong House (2012) Film Explained In Hindi _ House Hunting Story Summarized हिन्दी – English

 The story of the movie ‘’Wrong House’’ starts with a scene in which a girl running in a forest is shown. Regarding that, a house is shown as a girl called ‘’Susan” slicing house pictures from a journal.  Afterward, his husband “George” comes and says, “Let’s go!” She gets ready to assist him after answering […]

The Slumber (2017) Film Explained in Hindi_Urdu _ Slumber Demon Summarized हिन्दी – English (United States)

 At the starting of movie, a family appears who are facing very peculiar circumstances. The name of male is Charlie Morgan while wife’s name is Sara with their son and daughter named Daniel and Emile.  They are leading their happiest life at the beginning but their life takes a twist. Then the bad happenings occur […]

The Room (2019) Film Explained in Hindi_Urdu _ Thriller Mysterious Room Summarized हिन्दी – English

 The movie that is being explained today actually relates its basic purpose. As if a man gets everything he wants, it becomes a poison to him. Because lust of that person continues to grow. It is obvious that it has been paid to achieve anything. Now let’s start the movie explanation! Movie’s main characters include  […]