What is ATM and Best Way to use it in 2021

In today’s time, ATM card occupies a little place in everyone’s pocket, this tiny piece of plastic is sort of a key, victimization that we will withdraw cash from our checking account.

this can be solely a basic service that is feasible victimization associate degree Automated teller machine card however today aside from retreating cash, their area unit alternative money services which may be provided by this tiny card.


Next, we are going to find out about ATM Card and their history and usage. Also, attempt to offer you some card-related precautions and security info.

What Is Atm Machine?

The English that means of ATM are automatic teller machine Machine, briefly kind it’s known as ATM. If we wish to understand in pure Hindi, then it’ll be known as an associate degree automatic calculator machine. fashionable ATMs will do the majority of the tasks that a bank teller or bank cashier/clerk will. for instance cash withdrawal, cash deposit, bill payment, mobile recharge, etc.

The first bank Automated teller machine card was employed by Citibank customers within the North American nation in 1961, however ab initio, the purchasers failed to show a lot of interest in it, and when a while the project went into cold storage.

The second and palmy experiment was dispensed by Barclays Bank in London in 1967, and this experiment was palmy, and step by step the technology unfolds worldwide at the moment.

HSBC Bank established the primary Automated teller machine in the Asian nation in 1987 in the metropolis. By 2000, this technology might be employed in the Asian nation, however at the moment with the arrival of personal banks, it unfolds quickly and reached the reach of the individuals. Today, this facility is out there to the purchasers of the tiniest bank.

How will ATM work?

This question should have are available the curious mind that however will the Automated teller machine network work? however will the bank keep account of crores of checking account holders and their transactions? Let’s perceive.

Initially, ATMs were connected to the bank’s information servers by phone lines, nowadays, they’re connected through web lease lines or VPN networks. The Automated teller machine itself acts as a knowledge terminal machine. wherever the client will interact when coming into his card and secret PIN.

The Automated teller machine consists of four styles of output devices and a couple of styles of input devices, that area unit represented as follows.

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ATM Input Devices

  • Card Reader – this can be the place wherever you insert your card, the machine returns a constant route when you scan the cardboard.
  • Keypad – data input device is that the means that of confirming your identity by coming into a PIN and choosing the service.

ATM Output Devices

  • Display or Monitor – this can be the video display of the ATM on that you’ll be able to see the main points of your transactions and every one alternative operation.
  • Receipt Printer – the main points of your dealings area unit are written and written on a paper receipt and it leaves from here.
  • Speaker – today there’s conjointly a speaker within the new Automated teller machine, that proclaims the knowledge associated with every one of your steps within the type of sound. in all probability, this facility has been started keeping in mind the disabled individuals. aside from this, numbers are written in Braille script on the data input device.
  • Cash Withdrawal Gate – this can be the foremost necessary place from wherever the guileful notes originate.

Types of Cards employed in ATM

  • Debit Card – this sort of card is coupled to your checking account, each dealings is finished in keeping with the number offered in your account.
  • Credit Card – Credit cards are issued by banks or alternative money establishments, it’s a kind of loan that’s repaid by monthly payment when using. Use credit cards fastidiously.
  • Card issuers – there’s in the main 5 major card supplying corporations, specifically Yankee categorical, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and RuPay.
  • The RuPay card is that the Indian government’s own whole. that is suitable virtually all over.

Banks or supplying money establishments might also charge associate degree annual fee rather than supplying numerous cards, whereas some cards area unit issued without charge.

Different Uses of ATM –


Money withdrawal, balance checking, and mini statement area unit the most services by ATMs, however, it’s not the sole restricted service that you just will get through Automated teller machine. aside from this, cash may be deposited from ATM similarly as you’ll be able to recharge your mobile, etc. Facilities like payment of your bills, fund transfer, application, etc. may be found through an Automated teller machine.

Facilities like life assurance payments, checkbooks, and FDs are offered at ATMs.

Precautions associated with ATM usage

  • Always keep the PIN (secret code) of the ATM safe, if you wish to stay it in writing then ought to|you ought to|you must} watch out that it should solely be accessible to you.
  • When you move to the ATM space, confirm that nobody else is a gift there.
  • Look at the cardboard reader and data input device of the ATM fastidiously, is there any uncommon cowl on them?
  • Do not share any OTP or alternative messages received from your bank with anyone.
  • After retreating cash, count the notes within the ATM space itself, if there’s a slip-up, inform the bank shortly.
  • Do not reveal the ATM card variety, ending date, CVV code, OTP, or PIN on any call. The rule of banks is that they’re going to ne’er raise you for this info over the phone.


ATM could be a facility that advantages each you and also the bank provides you management of your transactions in your hands and provides the bank a touch rest from the work of standard deposit and withdrawal transactions of consumers. If used fastidiously, ATMs don’t have any disadvantages and also the solely benefits area unit advantages.

Your ATM-related queries and suggestions area unit invited, offer feedback within the comments below and conjointly share this text.